Smart feedback

With Editool, you can review and mark student assignments more efficiently while increasing the quality of your feedback!
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Audio feedback

You can personalize and improve the quality of your feedback by recording audio comments for your students.

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Summarizing statistics

Insert summarizing statistics in the feedback. This will enable your students to obtain a quick overview of high-priority areas and tasks.

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Integrate with your favourite writing app.

You can use Editool with your preferred writing apps. Editool can be added for Microsoft Word, Word Online and Microsoft Teams as well as Google Docs and Google Classroom.

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Great feedback tool

Editool is a great feedback tool that makes it easy to use standard comments.

The add-in is user friendly and runs stably without crashing.

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Niels Brock

Great tool, easy to use

A simple tool for providing feedback. It is very easy to use and very stable. Customizing comments is also very easy to do. All things considered, a simple and effective add-in!

Allerød Gymnasium

Great team!

Editool does without a doubt improve the process of evaluating student assignments... and that is something we as teachers do love!

Midtfyns Gymnasium

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